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Varsovie dings 100 (7th) [May. 18th, 2015|11:27 pm]
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[Current Location |Ketya's Hideaway, Talador, Alternate Universe Draenor]
[mood |happily on vacation]
[music |listening to the BlizzardWatch podcast live on]

Got another copy of Stonegrinder battlepet (usually glide in to circumvent all of the traps), too bad the Steam Romance Novel that came with it is only vendor trash rather than something that you can actually read...

Those WoW Tokens that I bought? I've already made my money back thanks to my garrison production line. =)

 photo Varsovie dings 100.jpg
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Ptaszek dinged 100 (5th) on March 18th, Ubuntuzebu dinged 100 (6th) tonight [Apr. 19th, 2015|01:13 am]
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[Current Location |2 spots in Spires of Arak]
[mood |contentcontent]

Since my last ding post, I have gotten up to 20700 achievement points (for example only missing one raid achievement in the Wrath era now).

Also my hunter Braconneur obtained Thoridal the Stars' Fury!

Also I am currently at 1,060K gold, having peaked at 1,155K - so basically I hit gold cap like I had meant to.

WoD is dirt easy to make cash - garrisons are the reason.

I have 5x level 3 garrisons, all of which have level 3 Salvage Yards (crates of salvage) and level 3 barracks (+5 active minions limit), 3 of which have level 3 inns (recruit minions and lucrative treasure missions).

Running missions daily grants me 2K cash from the missions themselves and the mission blues that I vendor. So about 60K gold
Every 4-5 days I amass about 400 Big Crates of Salvage and 50 small bags which yields another 5K plus mats (I vendor majority of stuff, mailing current expansion DE greens to my enchanter-mage). So 6x 5K = 30K gold, or 90K per month just from garrisons.

Ptaszek Dings 100 photo Ptaszek dings 100.jpg

Ubuntu dings after the jumpCollapse )
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So Blizzard, what's it going to be? [Jan. 25th, 2015|04:59 pm]
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[Current Location |on my Concordant in his garrison mine]
[mood |grumpy and cantankerous]

source: my post on NA General forums (I expect it to be hidden shortly)

Either you go with the flow and permit everyone to use the automation of HonorBuddy like systems and the bots that interrupt in under half a second or run your dps rotation for you or flawlessly throw monk slowing brew or hunter traps while on the go...

OR you ban the botters en masse today...

Which is it going to be?


If you aim for the former, well at least no one will be AFK in BGs - see the vids of 25+ bots vs 3 human players in EoTs for instance.

You could also make tougher fights since everyone's rotation will be near flawless...

Also you could permit legal bot-grinding in X hours per day based upon total percentage of Achievement points earned etc...


If you aim for the latter, the ban waves need to come hard and fast now. I logged on lowbie 20-29 WSG and the proficiency of the monk bots in landing their kegs of slowing brew was visibly non-human...
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Concordant dings 100 (4th 100) [Jan. 18th, 2015|01:01 am]
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[Current Location |Axefall, Spires of Arak, Alternate Universe Draenor]
[mood |contemplative and quite content]

He was supposed to be called Concordantnexus, but WoW doesn't allow names that long, so it was shortened to Concordant.

Droll that he got the Spires of Arak +xp bonus from the Inn at the same time that he dinged 100.

His fate will be to unlock Silver Proving Grounds Tanking and Silver Proving Grounds Healing for my account, as well as attempt You're Doing it Wrong as a Holy Paladin Tanking. That and cranking out Blacksmithing things to sell while his minions run missions.

 photo Concordantdings100.jpg

I am happy to report that I've gotten up to 19600 achievement points & around 870K gold so far (after having splurged 10k+ on upgrades to my smith-paladin's garrison).

My leveling process is getting streamlined . Am still clearing FrostFire Ridge almost completely. However, I find myself only getting a handful of flightpoints and minions in Gorgrond (Blook & Tormmok), Talador (Ahm & Aeda "aggros damn near everything as a so-called bodyguard" Brightdawn), and Nagrand (Lantresor & Goldmane the Skinner).

I've changed my mind about having Lumbermills in Alt garrisons - I stopped using the one in my main's fort - passive generation of resources is more than sufficient to pay 2100 resources for 3x Seals of Tempered Fate. Leaving it in his keep as is for now in case 6.1 brings more things to buy with resources.

Instead of LMs I've decided to build Inns to unlock the lucrative treasure missions, this aligns with my Salvage Yard and Barracks strategy. In games such as Europa Universalis, I've had a marked preference for production instead of trade - in EU and the other games in its series like Victoria: Empire Under the Sun, trade is prone to disruption, whereas production is internal. Trade also requires more active management.

In WoW, production - be it from grinding, your own professions, or now minion missions is kind of set it and forget it. It happens as you play. Now, I'm not averse to playing the AH, but it requires more work I find. Also the new WoD crafting-with-garrison-buildings-and-lots-more-cooldowns paradigms has shaken up the market. I don't feel like participating in lots of small niche markets that I used to, partly because demand is down.

I don't play the AH primarily to make money, even though gold cap has been my active goal since August 2, 2011 - when I only had about 42.4K. Rather, I play it as consequential or corollary to my achievement hunting. The sheer cost of setting up garrisons is deterrent when trying to amass gold to be honest.

I've gotten lucky past two weeks: I've won purple 655 Grips of Vicious Mauling from Kargath during guild runs of normal HighMaul and sold them for 23.6K and 17.1K profit respectively. I've also been finding a decent market for Greater Draenic Flasks as well (am kind of forced to make them as my main's reagent tab is bursting at the seams). Furthermore, there is a market for _some_ of the mog blues and greens that my level 3 Salvage Yards get on my 3 primary toons. I've taken to vendoring stuff that doesn't disenchant into WoD mats and has no AH potential (this has done wonders for my daily and weekly cash flow).

Despite having installed the BulkOrder mod, I've started stockpiling Draenic Seeds on first 3 toons to save up for the 1000 that is needed to buy the Crazy Carrot. Figuring on keeping one for myself and auctioning off the other two.

I am pleased to report that I am currently 17th on my server, Ghostlands, in terms of Battle Pet Collections.

In fact, my annoying brain woke me up in the middle of the freaking night a couple of weeks ago and wouldn't shut up until I noted down in my iPhone where it wanted me to station tertiary alts that were level 90 or lower.

Basically I have the dwarfadin at the Whispering Pandaren Spirit, the Kael'thas-ian tauren warrior at the Thundering Pandaren Spirit (Kael'thas is a suburb server permalinked to Ghostlands), my goblin DK is at the Flowing Pandaren Spirit, and the lead toon on my 2nd WoW account is stationed at the Burning Pandaren Spirit. In short order, I completed the set (up until then I only had the Pandaren Water Spirit battle pet), and started selling them on my Ghost'thas AH with some success.

I also have a goblin mage hanging out at Nishi's west of HalfHill, a troll druid locked to 80 shuttling back and forth between Major Payne at the Argent Tournament and a spot that covers three of the Time Lost Proto's paths, a belf lock at Stone Cold Trixxy's and a few other toons at other pet battle masters or on AH duties.

The reason for the focus on pet battles is that I've decided to follow Murloc Harbor's guide to An Awfully Big Adventure. I lost all of my saved teams in the Pet Battle Teams mod when I had to replace my hard drive in November. So working on doing the achievement gave me an opportunity to rebuild dozens of teams specifically configured against given pet battle masters. There are 44 masters to fight, I have 30 done, what remains is 5 of the Draenor Masters and all of the Celestial Tournament, which I consciously avoided during the tail end of MoP.

My pandaren monk got all of the way to 91 by doing the lion's share of those 30 masters.

Along the way, I built and saved teams for the Daily Garrison Pet Battle Scrappin'.

I also took the time to figure out which pets I have to upgrade to rare (blue quality), and level to 25. I took the trouble to capture 2 specific breeds of pets that Murloc Harbor recommended for the 2 pet carries of that decidedly non-combatant Elekk Plushie. The best part of the achievement is that each team that you set up will be able to carry-level lower level pets once you are done with the achievement. Also, it finally convinced me to start doing the Celestial Tournament and collecting its four special pets).
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Slickcat dings 100 (3rd 100) [Jan. 3rd, 2015|03:17 pm]
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[Current Location |Orunai Coast, Talador, Alternate Universe Draenor]
[mood |smiling]

I like this screenshot - it represents subtle but elegant advances in Blizzard's stream lined questing and story-telling.

You spot the ubiquitous yellow "!" indicating an available quest in a little encampment of draenei. Your ingrained reaction as a long term player is to run up and check it out - as you do so, the camp is obliterated by an Iron Horde artillery (I don't think it is firey magic in this case given the lack of caster mobs) strike. Instead of a quest you find a morbid toy that makes your boots smoulder.

 photo Slickcatdings100.jpg

SlickCat's path to 100 involved clearing all of FrostFire Ridge, small bit of Talador, tinier bit of Spires of Arak, and all of Gorgrond.

I opted for the Arena in Gorgrond and knocked off the Prove Your Strength achievement. Several pieces of advice if I may.

1.) you only get the quest items if you have the Arena Champion out
2.) you get the Champions by freeing them from ogres NW of BeastWatch
3.) all of the mobs that drop the items you need are near-abouts BeastWatch
4.) for BIG adds like the treefolk or the gronns - pull 2-3 of them at once, soften them up, and only THEN hit the Garrison Ability to get your Arena Champion out.


On the way to 100, Slickcat completed the FFR & Gorgrond segments of Draenor Safari for me. Shadow Sporebat around Khadgar's tower in Zangarra seems like it will be a bitch to get.

Slickcat still needs to quest to free Ahm in Talador (ghostly draenei warrior that happens to be guaranteed enchanter) as well as quest in Spires of Arak to unlock Salvage Yard...
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Jadwiga dings 100 (2nd 100) [Dec. 28th, 2014|11:11 pm]
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[Current Location |Spires of Arak, Alternate Universe Draenor]
[mood |exultant]

My main, Jawbone, always takes his sweet time getting _almost_ everything done as he levels and boy oh boy was there a lot to do in WarLords of Draenor. Bonus objectives, well-flowing quest chains, rare leveling mobs (that drop loot only ONCE - as opposed to rare 100+ mobs that drop loot ONCE DAILY), and upwards of 200 rare treasures hidden across Draenor. Doing any and all of these yields experience. Even unskilled mining and herbing in your garrison's mine and herb garden gives experience.

I purposefully kept him out of rested XP in the methodic doing of all of the leveling, questing, and exploring things.

It is up to my secondary toons, Jadwiga & Slickcat, to fill is stuff that I missed on the first pass.

Speaking of Jadwiga? She was about 96 by the time she finished with FrostFire Ridge (she skipped a part that I found tedious on Jawbone, the Iron Horde infested pass to Gorgrond).

I love follower missions and you should to!

I am referring to the Purple XP missions that give your TOON rather than your minions XP. Follower missions yield 3% of a level (~4% if you imbibe the Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning).

The potions only cost 100 garrison resources. This is nothing for my alts since I patiently cycled six of them through the Tanaan Jungle Intro, and set up basic forts with detachments of 4-5 followers for all of them. The point of this was to sit them on a fat bank roll of garrison resources, and it is paying off in spades.

My next move was to start moving my entire cohort of profession-enabled toons to 93rd level to upgrade their forts to level 2, so that I could start doing work orders through their respective profession buildings, level their professions, and research/buy their patterns at a gradual pace.

Having a good cushion of resources means that I can build what I want when I want to. It also means that it will be simple to buy the weekly allotment of 3 Seals of Tempered Fate with only resources (rather than gold, honor, or apexis crystals). On Jawbone, I'm starting to worry about the 10K ceiling and hope that they add more things to buy with resources. The 3 items for garrison invasions (speed boost, freezing crystal, healing crystal) are only useable when it is your garrison that is being invaded...


Jadwiga is my Jewel-crafter and Tailor, and my second most played toon. Her path to 100 completely skipped Gorgrond. I had meant to choose the lumber-mill there on her to redo the exploration achievement Shredder Maniac... You see, Jaw bugged some of the nodes by trying to open the treasures while he was still in his shredder, so he's at 10/12 and I don't feel like going back to find other nodes when I could have a toon do that naturally by leveling through the zone...

She did just enough of Talador to connect her flight-point network to Spires of Arak. This time I was smart and upon getting airlifted to liaise with Reshad in Northern Spires of Arak, I did NOT leave until I had tagged at least one flight-point, Crow's Crook.

Jadwiga managed to do two things that Jaw couldn't. One was get the Hydraling pet from Varasha (egg was bugged when he was by, and bugged on two other servers too: yes, I had used RealID friends to hop servers, but to no avail). The other was to successfully get the cross-bow from the Draenei farmer along the southern shore of Talador. You see, when Jaw visited him, the event was bugged and only one of the three waves of Iron Horde orcs showed up.

Speaking of cockups... *Ahem* Jawbone skipped Spires and went straight to Nagrand, which I love greatly in both incarnations, but which was a big mistake. He got badly spanked trying to do the Hemet bonus objective because of the disparity in gear and also because I foolishly tried that before I chose FrostWolf Cavalry as the garrison perk (I suppose the Tank option would have worked too). True to my completionist ways, I went back at 100 on Jaw and cleared out the zone.

SlickCat and all further toons will beeline for Spires because of: 1.) quest-chain for Salvage Yard plans in Pinchwhistle 2.) choosing the Inn option gives a passive +20% xp that stacks with Excess Potions of Accelerated Learning and 3.) there are 6 Gifts of the RavenMother treasures that give you a bubble (5%) of rested xp each.

I won't need Smugglers Den at all because: 1.) I use HandyNotes with the Treasures of Draenor extension, 2.) Jawbone has already done that option, and 3.) the Gronn-hide bags are comparable to the Royal Satchels that Jadwiga can already make for my toons. Okay, _maybe_ Jawbone will buy ONE for variety, but that's it.

 photo Jadwigadings100.jpg

My garrison choices (I actually took the time to think about them and plan them out in my hardcopy diary), were greatly influenced by what The Grumpy Elf wrote in his guides on the matter, with additional insight gleaned from UtesDad's collation of notes on the matter

Lastly, I will note that I like writing about WoW and will try blogging here on my old LiveJournal account rather than making a new blog elsewhere.
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Jawbone dings 100 (first 100 of WarLords of Draenor) [Nov. 16th, 2014|04:50 pm]
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[Current Location |Nagrand, Alternate Universe Draenor]
[mood |tired but elated]

So, for the first time ever, I managed to take time off from work etc to dedicate self to playing WoW at the start of one of its expansions. I've been playing since January 2007 (The Burning Crusade).


Thursday I had a online quiz for my finance class - got 13.5/15 on it. I also had a work social excursion during lunch hour to L'Atelier des Saveurs. Its a 1-1.5 hour cooking class, guided by a chef, and you eat what you prepare. It is starting to become something of a quarterly tradition for my sub-department. Two of our financial institution's retained lawyers from Quebec City came down to join us (although I think both also had business reasons to be in Montreal). This time we made Cantonese style stir fry chicken. Sadly, due to lack of sleep, I think I might have forgotten my rain coat at the place, or possibly at work.

Temple got diagnosed with type II diabetes, which surprised me because she's tiny and skinny. Guess I had some incorrect preconceptions about diabetes.

Friday, my hard drive crashed hard. Kenny saved the day. He lent me his tower to keep playing WoW during my staycation. We also took my comp down to the shop for upgrades and replacements. Since the HD went I am replacing it with an SSD drive. Since the back USB ports are wonky, I'm replacing the motherboard, which means CPU is getting upgraded to. Lastly, I'm replacing the tower since my front USB ports were completely shot (to the tune of I managed to corrupt my iPhone trying to synch it through those ports - bad connection). $1000 for parts, $200 labour and insurance, $125 for Windows because for the life of me I couldn't find my Windows CD key _anywhere_ (checked notes on external drive, hardcopy diaries, email... nothing...). Would have rather not had to spend money just now. Reckon going forward I save up $1200 every 3 years for upgrades and replacements.


Aside from launch hiccups, massive DDoS attacks, and complications because they tried launching with Cross Realm Tech (CRZ) active in Draenor... I honestly feel that Blizzard has hit it out of the ballpark with WarLords of Draenor. It is my new favourite expansion, surpassing Mists of Pandaria. I'm even at the stage of accepting that flying is bad for the game and being okay with flying in WoD only being activated with the last content patch, possibly even 7.0.0.

Questing feels better than it ever has, and the story pulls you in and doesn't let you go. Best flow to date methinks. For some of the burning villages stories, I mentally compared some sequences to levelling Aldmeri Dominion in TESO (I got fed up with TESO because it wasn't WoW), and WoW wins by a landslide.

I will say playing on a friend's comp, even if I was using my own peripherals, feels like borrowing clothes. Functional but not quite yours.

I really like how professions work through and are augmented by your garrisons, particularly the buildings associated with a given profession.

The follower system is addictive too!

I loved riding alongside the Frostwolves, they've been dear to my heart since my first Alterac Valley battleground. The garrison abilities per zone that you pick up are interesting. There's no choice in FrostFire Ridge - you get Call to Arms (infantry). In Gorgrond I took the Lumbermill which gives you a shredder that can fly for 30 seconds (big hint that flying in Draenor is 6.1 or even later). In Talador I took the Artillery Strike option (at one point, late in that zone I had a demon lock follower bodyguard*, a ghostly ogres buff, and artillery strike every 3.33min - I was literally chewing things up!). In Nagrand, I opted for wolf cavalry (outdoors you fight & interact with objects from wolf back - I loved it).

I've ventured a little bit into Spires of Arak but have not yet set foot in ShadowMoon Valley, or the bulk of Tanaan Jungle**.

It is fitting that I hit 100 in Nagrand, which has always been one of my favourite zones.

Lastly, I would add that despite technical difficulties, I was the 10th player in my guild to hit 100 (took me 4 calendar days). Once we have 10 geared players (including 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps) we start raiding! =)

 photo Jawbonedings100.jpg

* - some followers have a bodyguard trait, if you assign them to a level 2 or 3 barracks, they will come with you as guardians into the wide world. If they die, they return to barracks for 60 min to recover, and you need to pick them up again.
** - all new arrivals get filtered through Tanaan Jungle intro sequence.
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Mostly Friends-Only [Nov. 11th, 2003|11:11 am]
[Current Location |at the beginning, but if you don't find that which you are]
[mood |Scorpionic]
[music |looking for within yourself, then you will never find it]

Yadda yadda.

Tag this if you want something that I may be able to provide.
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